Garden Z (Currently under heavy construction!)

Welcome to Garden Z!

Garden Z is a personal website dedicated to nothing in particular except the idea that it's pretty cool to have your own website! I started it as not only a way to teach myself html and css, but as a place to jot down some thoughts and maybe talk about projects I'm working on. While it will never be "finished", I hope to get it looking more presentable. So bear with me as I experiment with the style!

About Me

Hello! You can call me Zabet, Zab, Z, or any derivation thereof. My pronouns are she/they. General interests include solarpunk, environmental science, science communication, urban planning/design, writing, and drawing. I'm an avid reader and general Consumer of Media.

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Update Log

1/3/2024: Happy New Years! Hopefully this site sees a lot of good updates this year. I am contnuing to battle with the css to get it what I want it to do.

12/19/2023: Messed with the css. I have no idea what I'm doing!

12/8/2023: Made a website! Yay!